Lot of people are confused as regards to difference between Inventory Management System and Inventory Management Software. Usually the question asked is What is Inventory Management System? and what is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory Management System is basically the system created to manage the Inventory of items which includes various Inventory Management Process like Creation Of ware house, Physical Bin Location of in the store room, dimensions of the bin based on dimensions of inventory item, physical process of movement of Inventory Items inside the stores as well as moving it out of stores. It also involves selction and implementation of various inventory material handling equipments within the stores etc.

The whole of the above scope forms a part of the Inventory Management System Project which ultimately when implemented becomes Inventory Management System which manages the inventory of goods both in the work in progress WIP , as well as finished good inventories

Inventory Management Software is one of the very important aspect of an Inventory Management System Project, where in the selection of Inventory Software is done based on various parameters critical for the management of Stores Inventory Items

From above you can consider that while Inventory Management System deals with completely all the aspects of Inventory system needed for setting up Inventory Management project, set up , the Inventory Management Software is one of the very important ingredient of the whole Inventory Management Process and plays a very crucial in project for implementation of Inventory Management System in an orgnization.

We at RNT Interantional also take complete Inventory Management System Project and offer consultancy for the same, which involves all aspects of Inventory System including the software for Inventory Management and Control of Inventory Items. As an integral part of the Inventory Management System Project we offer consultancy on equipments involved in the Inventory control process like type of Equipment, make of the equipment, time cycle involved for material movement etc. We also provide our consultancy on setting up of Stores for stocking of ,B.Inventory items,/B. followed by setting up of complete Store Management system and process

We also provide consultancy as regards to the Inventory documentation, like document type, Inventory Document format designing, type of Inventory data to be maintained etc

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